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Day 23 and I've Lost 7 Pounds with Alli

Okay, I admit I was very, very discouraged a few days ago. I had been stuck at 145 pounds for what seemed like forever and frankly it was making me question my current approach to weight loss. But after recommitting myself to my weight loss goals I was rewarded with the number 143 flashing back at me when I stepped on the scales this morning. 7 pounds down and only 33 to go.
I absolutely credit Alli for keeping me on track with my diet even on my bad days. Knowing that there could be embarrassing repercussions for cheating has kept me from chucking it all and trying to eat an entire cheesecake to console myself.

Can Your Friends Make You Fat?

Researchers writing in the New England Journal of Medicine say they may have found a possible explanation for the obesity epidemic: Fat is contagious.
Studying more than 12,000 people linked to a long-running study of heart disease based in Framingham, the researchers found that an individual's chances of becoming obese increased by 57 percent if someone they consider a friend grew obese.

If the friendship was close and mutual and one person became obese, the other's risk soared by 171 percent. The study found similar, but smaller influences between siblings and spouses, but neighbors who aren't friends had no effect.

Surprisingly, obesity seemed to spread even if friends were geographically distant.

Supposedly because the study looked at relationships over time, the researchers were able to exclude cases in which obese people chose overweight friends, and therefore were able to make a stronger case for the effect.

As if there weren't enough social stigma already for women who are overweight now there's medical research justify the societal shunning.

The Courtney Love Diet

Courtney Love has dropped 52 pounds and she says she did it through exercise and diet, not surgery. (Well, she did have a little bit of surgery, she had her breast implants removed.)

The Courtney Love weight loss plan apparently consists of putting a padlock on the fridge, drinking Isopure meal replacement shakes twice a day, and eating fish and veggies for dinner. Her exercise was running on a treadmill, Pilates and yoga.

Love blames her weight gain on Macrobiotic food.

If you're interested in picking up any of Courtney Love's fat clothes (sizes 6 & 8, ahem) you can bid on them on Ebay where she's auctioning them off to support charity.

UPDATED: I put this in the comments but I just have to post it here too ~

I have to say that I don't like the way that she looks, she certainly doesn't look healthy. I don't know that the Isopure people will be happy with her endorsement.

I can't believe that no one commented on the clothing sizes! First, Courtney Love was 182 pounds so I really doubt that her "fat clothes" were sized 6 & 8.

Second, to call sizes 6 & 8 "fat clothes"? Puhleeze. People magazine needs a reality check.

Ms Calabaza - Virginia woods, United States

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Imagine for a moment, you decide to get away for a weekend and get on this plane . . . See Video Above : What’s going on here? A South Asian man screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “f***ing white people” freaks out on a plane. He yells at other passengers to “Shoot me! Shoot me!” He’s restrained by several large men. The vid is hot on Liveleak and YouTube, where it was posted yesterday. The person who posted it claims: “I don’t know what happened here. But this happened on my Air Canada plane ride to London, England in December 6th, 2007 from Toronto…My partner and I decided we should videotape this in the interest of sharing the experience we went through on this plane with those interested.” A reclusive curmudgeons musings on life . . .


Anonymous said...
Maybe the goat's milk in coach was not to his liking. Oz
colleency said...
I think he was mad at having a middle seat. Seriously - it's very heartening to see the passengers respond in a forceful - yet compassionate - manner, reassuring him that he wasn't gonig to die, while making sure he was restrained. An airliner will never again be taken over by terrorists - not because of TSA, but because of passengers like these.
Legal Pub said...
Yup, passenger will no longer take any crap. I suspect that any modern terrorist will now receive a heck of a beating on a plane. Armed with pens and belts and boiling water, the odds are that any terrorist today will experience a lot of pain even before the air marshal relieves his suffering.